My precious Grandson

My precious Grandson
Jerry Smiles for Nennie

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Had an early Thanksgiving early this year with family at Charles Moms house.  She prepared a great deal of food and with the help of Sherri, Marks wife, we had a wonderful meal to include stuffing of two types, one with onions and made esp. for Charles and Mark, without onions.  Gotta keep those big guys happy.  It was great to see all three of Charles' sons, Chuck, Derrick and Thomas.  Along with those 3 Nicole was able to come and Cavern and Canyon.  Unfortunatley, Deven and Brandon weren't able to attend.  Perhaps 2014.  I guess the next big event will be Christmas and then off to the next year we go....Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!

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